Daniel Minahan, MSPM, PMP, CM, CAPM, CSM
Just because someone has a PMP does not mean they are a certified project manager. There are certification bodies that certify project managers (e.g., IPMA), so let’s stop assuming those with PMPs are project managers, they are actually Project Management Professionals. That means they are versed and certified in project management knowledge areas, processes, tools and techniques, and the language of project management, set forth by the Project Management Institute (PMI). While they may not be the official governing body of project management, they set many standards and continue to update their credentials and certifications to stay relevant in the project management world.

I view PMPs as those who have been in the project management field that want to showcase their knowledge and dedication to the profession, whether project analyst, project coordinator, or project manager. There are plenty of project managers that do not have certifications and are very good at their job, and there are plenty that are not and the same for those that do have certifications. Just like a degree, it will get you in the door, but you must prove you are good at what you do after you get hired.

I do recommend obtaining certifications and furthering education, it helps prove you are dedicated to your craft; does not mean you are good at what you do, only your work will prove that.

“By the work one knows the workman.” Jean de La Fontaine, Author, Fabulist

Project management is a growing field and there are plenty of certifications, certificates, and education opportunities, but remember…Not Every PMP is a Project Manager!



11/24/2016 2:44am

Littler organizations might be more open to employing somebody without a lot of venture understanding on the off chance that they demonstrate that they are an insightful, positive, and persevering hopeful. New businesses and comparable little organizations will probably enlist non-PMPs than might government or military associations, where extensive arrangements of accreditations and industry work experience are exceedingly esteemed.

03/11/2017 9:16pm

A diploma, degree or certifications won't necessarily mean that you're excellent with your craft. Your actual work would absolutely determine your brilliance. These tests and accreditation are just part of you becoming a professional. You probably know the theories, but you're not efficient in the application. I'm not generalizing people with this accreditation and certifications. Most of them are truly excellent. These certifications are basically an edge for someone who holds it.


Certifications and accreditations are not really a necessary, it is an option if you want to pursue another step and be a certified professional. It doesn’t mean that if you are not accredited or doesn’t have a certification means that you are in a much lower level. Getting certification is really up to us, it is our choice to make if you are going to pursue it or not. Well, being accredited will definitely give us more credentials and it could be your edge to anyone else.

12/20/2016 5:35am

Project managers are backbones. when time to selected them make sure they have basic knowledge. hard working and have passion to do something make them perfect and asset for any organization.

02/18/2017 6:05am

Now I've hired very good project manager! Really very talented girl!

05/23/2017 11:37am

I'm working as a project manager now! So I agree with you, your post is so true!


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